Our master bedroom

So when we moved into our home at the very beginning of the Shelter In Place rule, we had to quickly decide on paint and floors. There wasn’t much else we could do with so many businesses taking extra precaution (it’s a good thing). Me being the way that I am, I had already picked out paint before we moved in. Risky move, I know. But, I had some help from my real estate friend who gave me a handful of colors she swears by. Look, I won’t make any money out of sharing this but I have to say, Samplize is the g.o.a.t. They made my life so simple when it came to picking out paint. You choose whatever color or brand that you want and they send you peel-and-stick samples. Who says stickers for only for children? The floors we left as is with carpet, even though there’s hardwood underneath. My husband (Peter) wasn’t convinced that it would be nice and now he’s full of regret.

So here it is all laid out…

Nightstands – West Elm (I splurged a little)

Paint – Benjamin Moore’s White Dove

Large lamp was a rare find from Fb marketplace. Small lamp is from CB2.

Frames are from Michaels (who btw have a pretty good pick-up policy). Pictures are from Etsy, kind of a mix and match thing I had to do because I wanted three pictures.

Curtains and hardware from Pottery Barn. Can anyone ever shop there without thinking about FRIENDS? If you’re thinking about Ross and Rachel’s apothecary table you can buy it here. PB is smart to monopolize on this show.

My side includes ceramics from my high school days, my favorite books, and the lamp I found on FB Marketplace. I prefer Marketplace over Craigslist because I find that more people are selling their items through marketplace these days and it’s really easy to contact the seller and have a no-contact pick up.

My nightstand drawers are filled with diapers, burp cloths, and baby wipes. I know…so sexy right?

I find that too much symmetry can be boring, so I had matching bedside tables and different lamps.

His side has my diffuser (that way he’s in charge of setting it), three pictures of us (that’s right, THREE) so that he never forgets, and some treasured books. There’s really not much going on here but I need to ramble on to fill the space so that it fits with the pictures. Done!

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