Hallway Bathroom Remodel

There wasn’t much not to like about our hallway bathroom the way it was when we moved in. I thought I just wanted to add a shower head, but then I started shopping and it became this semi-larger project. Being on a budget, I prioritized for nice faucets, long lasting but low maintenance grout and a vanity with ample storage. Now that the remodel is complete, sometimes I find myself looking at this picture and missing my old bathroom (just a little). That being said, this was a very fun project for me. I learned so much about finding the right contractor for your project, what to look for when shopping for your materials, and staying true to your budget. Thankfully shelter in place was loosened for contractors and our project was completed on time. Don’t worry, we kept our distance from one another, and they worked on one project at a time.

Unable to shop directly at warehouses, I had to shop for all my items online. I don’t recommend this because you really should get a feel for the texture and true colors for all your items. I wouldn’t say that I lucked out, I’d say that I was quite flexible knowing that I couldn’t go to check out vanities, flooring, and tiles at warehouses nearby. It’s important to be somewhat flexible with these projects because things go wrong, and being rigid sure doesn’t help your contractors complete the project. My contractor was very honest with me from the start. He was also honest about how irregular my tiles will look, being handmade, and how they would require more time to install. But I love the look of handmade tiles so it was no issue for me. He also made several recommendations for materials. Though we differed in style, he took time to really understand the look I was going for.

Who would have thought that picking out grout would be so fun! At least, it was for me. I chose a lighter grout for the walls, almost white (called Alabaster from Mapei), because we don’t have a very large bathroom. I didn’t want it to feel even tighter with dark lines outlining the tiles. For the floor, I chose black grout. I wanted the honeycomb to show more of the hexagon shape. Also, black grout for your floors is not a bad idea.

This wasn’t the original faucet I had in mind but I was dependent on the top that came with my vanity. Some options I had were to get a customized top (more money) or pick a different vanity (again, more money). I was somewhat committed to my vanity that I bought online at Wayfair (don’t do that. It came chipped with a broken drawer), because of the storage space, and the fact that it came with a top and a backsplash. Pretty good price and a discount for damages! I can’t complain, but I do anyway. The original faucet I picked was a single handle, matte black faucet. I made a last minute change to this and actually love it!

I also splurged on the shower head set and bought one with a handheld spray as well. WELL, that didn’t work out and I was only able to use half of the kit that I bought. I do not recommend buying anything plumbing related so far in advance if you don’t know what’s behind your walls. I had to do without because it would have been too much piping going on in the tiny space that we had. Let me tell you, a plumber’s job is not an easy job, okay? You can’t always get what you want, in this case I chose to have a rainfall shower head and a spout for the tub. In the shower, we also added a niche and used the floor tiles as the backing ( a suggestion from our contractor).

I was really stubborn and didn’t want to change the medicine cabinet because it wasn’t broken, there wasn’t anything wrong with it. Now it’s slightly off center from my sink and faucet. It was a small issue that I overlooked and I’m the only person who notices.

I also saved money by keeping the tub and the toilet (low-flow) and used that to invest in a silent fan instead. It’s great! You can turn it on without letting the entire neighborhood know that you’re taking a number 2. Speaking of potties, it’s worth shopping for a low flow/eco friendly toilet for our environment and your water bill. Above the toilet are some old shelves that I just spray painted to match the bathroom. Though niches would have saved me some space, I couldn’t commit.

Here is the old vanity (left) and the new vanity (right).

Some final touches, I added a brass towel bar, some watercolor landscape artwork, a little rug, and some wall mount “coat hooks”. Oh, and I changed the knobs on my vanity for a more MCM feel. In the end, my contractor was so proud of his work. He took pictures and said he and his wife would now like to do the same with their bathroom. Oh, how the turntables. (Any Office fans here?)

Peep this. I’m pretty pleased.

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