Did anyone else do this during the Marie Kondo purge?

While everyone was saying goodbye to all their items that no longer sparked joy, I was frequenting my local thrift stores and buying all their stuff. It was great! Cashmere sweaters for $12 and crisp jean jackets that haven’t been worn into for $7. My eyes have never sparkled so much, not even on my wedding day. People were giving away all sorts of gems, I couldn’t believe it. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing me on Hoarders, Buried Alive anytime soon, but I could easily get there.

Now here we are at home sheltering in place, only shopping online and it makes thrifting even more challenging. It has taken me a few months to find my favorite vintage shops but I have found them and I’m sure the owners will remember me by name soon. All silliness aside, shopping second hand is better than going out and buying new, except if you’re buying intimate items like undies. But home decor, kitchen items, gently used clothes, books, even electronics, are all great items to purchase used. Buying second hand items is better for the environment, saves you money, adds a special look to your home, and is super fun! I’m feeling generous so I’ll share my favorite women-owned shops with you here.

IG: itslovedagain

It’s Loved Again Vintage is awesome! It is my go-to. Curated by Lindsey, the shop has new items almost daily. She also simplifies your shopping experience by having a separate hashtag for items still available. Check out her shop here to learn more.

Some items from It’s Loved Again Vintage that I want to share. How special are these frosted glasses?! I plan to use them for the holidays but they have fall leaves on them, making it appropriate for the fall, amirite? I also purchased two brass vases and received 10% off for buying a second item. I love adorning my home with brass pieces. If you do too, check out this next shop.

IG: lazysundayeclectic

Lazy Sunday Eclectic is where you need to be for brass planters, brass candlesticks, brass frames and trinket/catch-all dishes of all kinds. I’m waiting for my new items and will happily share when they arrive!

IG: mikathrifts

There are so many items that I want from this shop but they are sold out! I also love the way these items are presented, just super simple. If you’re looking for cute little shelves, handbags, ceramic pieces, this is the place to be. I’m eyeing this beautiful watering can at the moment.

See my updated list here!

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