What We Miss…

Or, I should say who we miss. Seems like the media is doing a great job covering all the issues around masks, but masks aren’t a thing that’s on my mind. It’s easy. Wear a mask when you’re out or when you’re around people who are not in your immediate family. What is on my mind are all the moments I’ve had with my grandma. I miss my grandparents. Thankfully they’re doing well and still very healthy, and my grandma still can’t help but send over food to keep us well fed. Who can say no to some authentic Vietnamese food? I know we can’t.

Born and raised in Vietnam, my grandma has been cooking since she was a child (seriously), mainly because she was the eldest of five which meant it was her responsibility to cook and care for her siblings. But what she learned as a child plays such a huge role on her love for food and her unwavering sense of responsibility to always cook for others. Whether it’s her children, grandchildren, or great grandchild (my little Sena), she somehow always has a full meal ready to feed us. And how great is it that my grandma, like most elders, are always willing to share their knowledge.

A few years ago I started writing down her recipes and I can’t think of a better time to share them. Full disclosure, my grandma makes everything from scratch and uses ingredients from her garden. Because this is probably not convenient for most people these days, I will have short cuts and provide options that better suits my life style.

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