You should be thrifting

Thrifting is something I do daily these days. Earlier I posted a few of my favorite Instagram shops, and the many benefits of thrifting. There are a few more shops that I have been frequenting and wanted share them with you. I’m sure I’ll regret sharing this with more people, as I already struggle to snatch the items before they’re sold, but here it is!


Lojothrifts has an awesome website outside of her Instagram account . She has a great collection of baskets (rattan and wire) and clocks! Her items sell really fast but don’t worry, you can sign up for Lojo’s Insider’s club to get a first peak on her inventory!


YourWeeklyThrifts currently has a second-hand shop on Instagram as well. Her shop is beautifully curated and has a modern desert/boho feel which makes sense as the shop is based in Arizona. I love browsing here for the wonderful wall art and vases.

I appreciate these women so much for going out there and shopping so that I sit on my bum and browse. Can’t wait to share all my second hand finds!

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