Feeding my baby love

My baby love is at the age where she knows how to ask (more like demand) the things she wants. It’s great because it makes it understand what she wants, but also not great because it leads to “tantrums” when I don’t give her what she wants. It happens and it’s fine.

Lately she has been asking for cheese for breakfast. I questioned it at first at tried to offer her something else, but she would go to the fridge and repeatedly say “cheese”. So, I thought I’d make her a cheese omelette and put cheese on top and on the side. I also offer some fruit on the side and muffins or bread as well. She meant it. She picked off whatever melted cheese that she could pick from the omelette and only ate the cheese slices I put on the side. Hilarious. I thought I’d share these before and afters since this is the second time she has done so. On the plus side she had a bite of eggs, and a some date muffins, and went back for some apple slices later.

Don’t worry. No food goes to waste here. Whatever she doesn’t finish ends up being my husband’s meal (who wants to make two different meals 3x a day?). I do have to say that we have been pretty blessed with how much she usually eats. I give her an adult sized portion and she will usually eat about one-third and also snack throughout the day.

For myself I enjoyed a cake slice of my favorite banana bread recipe ever. It is so versatile and holds up to whatever add-ins you may want, whether it be chocolate chips or nuts…a few tablespoons of rum…whatever makes you happy. I follow this recipe here and make a few adjustments for my preference. Oh and if you’re eyeing my mug more than my delicious cake looking breakfast, it is another gem from It’s Loved Again and she might still have the matching mug!

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