Patina-ing a Painting

Let me preface by saying that I am not an artist in any way, shape, or form. I haven’t painted with acrylic since high school, and that was more than a reunion ago. That being said, this was a pretty easy and fun project.

I found this large still life printed painting from a staging warehouse sale and I just had to have it. I loved the old looking frame and I’m a sucker for still painting. Although, this was not a true vintage and lacked the vibe I was going for (like a Henk Bos), I thought I could take it home and try to “patina” the painting.

Here is the Van Hunt print before I messed with it.

Once I protected the frame with some masking tape, I used some SAS acrylic paint to make a mustard yellow-greening-brown color and watered it down. I used a basic brush to layer one thin coat first, and let it dry throughly before adding another coat. Below are pictures after the first, second, and third layer (respectively).

As you can see, the first layer shows obvious brush strokes that I really wanted to hide. But, after the second and third coat, the vertical brush strokes became less noticeable. Some of the nectarines were still brighter than I liked, and the pear practically blended in to the background, so with a small, flat brush I painted another coat over the nectarines, and painted the pear back into the painting. It was easier to repaint the pear than to rub the “patina” off because it was completely dry already. I also painted in one of the leaves as well.

As you might notice, it darkens again once it dries, so the leaf was really bright when I first painted it, and on the right picture, you can see that stays muted with the rest of the painting. You can tell that the pear doesn’t have the same bright spot as the original pear, but I didn’t want to fuss more with it because I don’t trust myself with paint!

Here is the finished painting. I am so happy with how it turned it. It now fits with my house decor and proudly lives in my kitchen.

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