Plaster Wall Art

I completed this project a few month back and wanted to share because it was so easy and fun! I was looking for some abstract wall art from my living room and came across an amazing artist from the Bay Area, Kaleen Cameron. It was everything I was looking for, for my home decor. ItContinue reading “Plaster Wall Art”

Reducing Waste, Surviving Quarantine

Our county was making pretty good progress for bettering the environment with the banning of plastic bags, having water dispensers more available, and having city bike share. But during quarantine it seems like we are back to plastic bags, more wastes from take out containers, more single use items like gloves, and constantly ordering everythingContinue reading “Reducing Waste, Surviving Quarantine”

Did anyone else do this during the Marie Kondo purge?

While everyone was saying goodbye to all their items that no longer sparked joy, I was frequenting my local thrift stores and buying all their stuff. It was great! Cashmere sweaters for $12 and crisp jean jackets that haven’t been worn into for $7. My eyes have never sparkled so much, not even on myContinue reading “Did anyone else do this during the Marie Kondo purge?”