Plaster Wall Art

I completed this project a few month back and wanted to share because it was so easy and fun! I was looking for some abstract wall art from my living room and came across an amazing artist from the Bay Area, Kaleen Cameron. It was everything I was looking for, for my home decor. ItContinue reading “Plaster Wall Art”

Patina-ing a Painting

Let me preface by saying that I am not an artist in any way, shape, or form. I haven’t painted with acrylic since high school, and that was more than a reunion ago. That being said, this was a pretty easy and fun project. I found this large still life printed painting from a stagingContinue reading “Patina-ing a Painting”

Hallway Bathroom Remodel

There wasn’t much not to like about our hallway bathroom the way it was when we moved in. I thought I just wanted to add a shower head, but then I started shopping and it became this semi-larger project. Being on a budget, I prioritized for nice faucets, long lasting but low maintenance grout andContinue reading “Hallway Bathroom Remodel”

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