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This is where we share our projects, journey as new parents, and new homeowners during Covid-19.

I’m Natalie. I am passionate about food from scratch, baking, home beautification projects and mom-life. I enjoy oversharing in all aspects of life. Keep scrolling for some unfiltered content.

Does anyone else have a love for formica? I don’t look forward the day we have to goodbye to my countertops and cabinets. I never thought I’d say anything positive about an electric range, but I love all the storage space this Summit range has to offer. It’s not pictured here but there’s boiler compartment under the oven as well. Also, I’m getting used to all the space in between the burners.

I love collecting different mugs. If I find a set of 4, I’ll usually buy just one or two, that way it’s special and I get to have more of other mugs. I haven’t left the house to do any shopping, so I’m getting my thrift fixes on IG.

Read about my favorite shops here and here!

toddler, biscuit & butter

New: Plaster Wall Art

My favorite room in the house

Read about our master bedroom

Toddler Friendly Pasta & Tomato Basil Pasta

I think we all have a pasta roller hiding in the kitchen somewhere. In my case, I’ve decided again and again that it was an item worth keeping and dragged it over from apartment to apartment. Now it has made it to our new home and needless to say, it still hasn’t been used in 7 years.

The pasta pictured below is hand-rolled. No, pasta making doesn’t have to be complex, but there is some kneading involved. My process is broken into two segments; before Sena’s nap and during Sena’s nap. Yes, it was the shortest nap in history and all I managed to do was roll and cut pasta.

By the way, I will be posting recipes. Just recipes. No anecdotes. I talk too much as it is. On a good day I will include pictures.


DIY Irrigation system
Lawn Renovation
Best Cookie Recipe Ever!

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